First visit

Your first appointment with Dr Levi is about connection and conversation. Your story will be listened to and you are most welcome to scrutinise his advice. Bring your referral, Medicare card, and any test results you may have. If your visit is about your child, bring photos or videos of the problems you are concerned about. A visit to the specialist does take time. You may have to wait while Dr Levi attends to other patients. Dr Levi endeavours to give patients time to digest information. As part of the assessment and examination a flexible nasoendoscopy procedure may be performed on the day. This will involve an anaesthetic spray to numb the nose and a 2-3mm camera that will go into the nose and the back of the throat. The examination is a necessary procedural part of an ENT Airway assessment and is performed multiple times a day in the office. The potential side effects include pain, discomfort and minor nose bleeds. Other patients may need their ears suctioned, nose cauterised or lesions biopsied. These procedures will be discussed at the time of the visit.

You are safe to ask questions and convey your queries. Ultimately, the choice of therapy is in your hands. Dr Levi’s primary role is to provide assessment, expert opinion and guidance. Everyone will receive care and information. Some will go home with a script, others will go home with surgical options to consider. Surgery can be performed as a private patient or Dr Levi can refer you to the public hospital service.

If you decide to have your procedure done in the public, Dr Levi will refer you to either The Royal Children’s Hospital or St.Vincent’s Hospital. Dr Levi has no control over the duration of the wait, the timing of surgery or the doctor performing the procedure. Be aware that Dr Levi may not be your surgeon on the day.

Not every person will require surgery. There are more patients who go home without surgery than those who require an operation. The clinic appointment is about connection and understanding.

You can call or email us for an appointment. We look forward to meeting you and caring for you. Contact us for an appointment.