Paediatric ENT Surgery

Did you know that not every ENT surgeon who calls themselves a Paediatric ENT surgeon have had subspecialty training in paediatric ENT?

Many of them are adult trained ENT surgeons who do some paediatric work. Those who have truly had specialist Paediatric training are accredited members of the Australian & New Zealand Society of Paediatric Otorhinolaryngologists (ANZSPO), of which Dr Levi is an Executive.

Paediatric ENT surgery is about caring for very special kids with very special conditions requiring very special care.

Paediatric ENT Surgeons treat Ear, Nose, Throat, Head & Neck conditions of kids and adolescents. Kids are not little adults. The conditions differ and the care is very different. Managing neck lumps or tumours in children is completely different to managing them in adults. Dr Levi looks after general paediatric ENT conditions such as middle ear disease, hearing loss, sinus disease, snoring, tonsillitis and others. Dr Levi also cares for some of the more complex paediatric conditions through the Royal Children’s Hospital. Dr Levi performs Airway Reconstruction, collaborates with Drooling Control Clinic for Developmental Medicine, Vascular Anomalies Clinic with Plastic Surgery and Head & Neck tumours with Paediatric Surgery and Oncology. Dr Levi provides the breadth and depth of paediatric service from general to complex tertiary care. 

Dr Levi loves working with little kids, big kids, little adults and big adults!

Getting an expert assessment and opinion is always a good first step. Please contact us for an appointment. Dr Levi is also available to provide educational talks on this topic.