Ear Surgery

Hearing and balance conditions are one of the greatest burdens of disease to society. Kids suffer repeated infections and adults suffer hearing loss.

Language development and social engagement is reduced when hearing is affected. Day to day living is impaired with any balance or hearing issues. There are multiple conditions affecting the ears including congenital hearing loss, swimmer’s ears (otitis externa), surfer’s ears (exostosis), middle ear infections (otitis media), glue ears, ear drum perforation, cholesteatoma, loss of balance and sensorineural hearing loss, etc. The range of treatment varies from hearing aids, medication, ear drops, and various kinds of surgery. In fact, Eric’s first exposure to the world of surgery was when his youngest sister received cochlear implantation. Seeing the word “Otorhinolaryngology” on the wall of the clinic and seeing the wonder of surgery was most inspiring to him and was a major impetus. There are various unique procedures done on the ear including ear drum repair, ossicular reconstruction, mastoidectomy, etc. Imagine operating on the smallest bones in the body (malleus, incus & stapes) with microscopic instruments and diamond burrs. Just beautiful.

Getting an expert assessment and opinion is always a good first step. Please contact us for an appointment. Dr Levi is also available to provide educational talks on this topic.